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Check the Details of 2014 F1 R4 Chinese GP Race!

Drivers: 1 – Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes); 2 – Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing); 3 – Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing) Q: Lewis, congratulations, your third pole this year. That must have been so difficult with so many difficult and different conditions out there. What sort of satisfaction do you get from that? Lewis Hamilton: Definitely the most when it’s raining. It’s so slippery out there, trying to find the grip, obviously not making mistakes on your lap, and really putting it together, especially when you have these guys pushing you. So, it was a tough session. I really enjoyed it.  [ Read More ]

Team representatives – Pat Fry (Ferrari), Charlie Whiting (Fia), Yasuhisa Arai (Honda), Andy Cowell (Mercedes AMG HPP), Rob White (Renault Sport F1) Q: If we can start with you Charlie? The new power units have excited a lot of debate since the beginning of the year. Will you once again briefly take us through the philosophy behind this technology and why F1 believes it was the right time to introduce it? Charlie Whiting: I think it was fairly clear, we’re going back a little while now, that Formula One, being the foremost single-seat category, should be at the forefront of  [ Read More ]

Drivers – Adrian Sutil (Sauber), Sergio Perez (Force India), Esteban Gutierrez (Sauber), Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) Q: Daniel, some bad news earlier on at the start of this week for you, what was your reaction to that? Daniel Ricciardo: Obviously a little bit disappointed but at the same time I had moved on already. I think Sunday night in Melbourne the damage was already done and I went from a big high to a pretty big low, so I’d sort of already moved on. I hoped but didn’t really expect too much to  [ Read More ]

Check the Details of 2014 F1 R03 Bahrain GP Qualify!